Compliance with the RoHS directive 2005/95/EG

Timlic Deutschland GmbH is a trade company. Therefore we can only confirm compliance with the RoHS directive only on the basis of the manufacturer's specifications.

Currently, indications regarding compliance with the RoHS directive from manufacturers whose goods we distribute, starting on July 1, 2006 of electronic refurbished products that have been brought into market circulation for the first time, are still to be received.

Some manufacturers have not yet devised a manufacturer's statement regarding compliance with the RoHS directive. Should it turn out that a manufacturer does not comply with the RoHS directive in the manufacturing of its products, we will inform you. However, such a position from a manufacturer is unlikely.

Taking back products at the end of the lifespan

As an electric measurement and control device, the appliance supplied to you by Timlic is subjected to the European directive 2002/96/EG (WEEE) and the respective implementation into the law of the EU member states (In Germany, ElektroG). Therefore, you have the opportunity to give back the appliance at the end of its lifespan for it to be properly disposed and recycled.

Hence, the following regulation for the disposal at the end of an appliance's lifespan are the following:

1. The appliance must not be disposed in the unsorted industry waste.

2. The appliance is within the WEEE framework an “exclusively commercially used appliance” and may not be delivered to the communal collection points that collect consumer products such as laundry machines, VCRs, or standard PCs.

3. In case of a necessary disposal, please contact TIMLIC directly.

The WEEE symbol of a crossed through trash bin on your device refers to the fact that it is a WEEE-relevant appliance that must be disposed separately and accordingly. In some EU countries such as Germany this symbol is not necessarily required for strictly commercially used appliances, but it is consistently used by Timlic on a Europe-wide basis. The symbol does not imply the return to communal collection points!

Should you have agreed upon an individual solution with TIMLIC or a local distribution partner, according to which you will execute the appropriate disposal yourself, please ensure that that the appliance will be recycled appropriately according to the WEEE directive. In this case, please inform TIMLIC or your distribution partner about the executed disposal and the accrued recycling quota, unless you report this disposal data directly to the responsible governmental institutions.

Please also dispose of replacement parts and received rechargeable batteries according to the respective legal directives, should you not give these back to TIMLIC.

Mode of retrieval, disposal/recycling of old electric appliances

Timlic Deutschland GmbH takes back old electric appliances delivered earlier to its customers in order to dispose them according to the law under the following conditions:

1. The Timlic customer incurs no further financial costs for the required disposal/recycling of old electric appliances apart from the further below specified logistic costs.

2. The customer has to file for a retrieval of the old electric appliance in the framework of the currently effective RMA practice before sending the appliance to Timlic. The RMA request for retrieval of old electric appliances must include a copy of the original invoice for the respective appliances. After a positive check of the RMA request, the customer receives a RMA number that allows him to send back the old electric appliances to Timlic within a time period specified by us.

3. Timlic Deutschland GmbH principally only takes back old electric appliances in the condition that it was delivered to the customer by Timlic. This means that no separate components from delivered devices and no appliances with additional components built in by the customer will be accepted. Should Timlic notice after the reshipment that the customer did not adhere to these terms, the unwarranted old electric appliances / components will be sent back at the cost of the customer.

4. Costs incurred during the reshipment of the old electric appliances that are directly related to the reshipment, such as e.g. transport costs, import duties, custom payments, and other possibly logistic additional expenses are carried by the customer. The reshipment of old electric appliances must be organized by the customer.

5. Timlic Deutschland GmbH has the retrieved old electric appliances disposed at its own costs according to the mandatory legal regulations. In addition, Timlic reserves the right to make use of old electric appliances that have been sent back.