Compliance with the WEEE directive 2002/96/EG

Timlic Deutschland GmbH supports the regulation of the legal instances in the Federal Republic of Germany and the European Union regarding the disposal and avoidance of certain materials / dangerous substances in technical appliances.

During the labeling of new products by the manufacturers, the packaging is labeled with a WEEE sticker (“crossed out trash bin”). Timlic practices this approach because new products in the original packaging by the manufacturers are usually sealed/closed with their seal or the respective adhesives.

Against the background of a practical operation of the day-to-day business in the IT area, opening of the manufacturers' original packaging leads to reclamations from customers and obsolescence of the new products in most cases.

Timlic will therefore not open the originally packaged and sealed goods from manufacturers for inspection purposes. Due to this process, Timlic cannot guarantee that the sealed new product from manufacturers possesses the required WEEE label.

Should you as a Timlic customer disagree with this exemption rule of the labeling, because you would like to see the WEEE sticker on sealed new goods from the manufacturer, please inform us about your preference in writing. Your written note should include a remark that you will refrain from reclamation of the opened original packaging and the manufacturer seal of the opened new goods.